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About Us

Our history encompasses long term extended tyre management contracts at leading mining houses, including OTR Tyre Supplier and Repairer services.

Our staff received specialised Rema Tip Top repair training in Germany as well as in-house tyre management training with experts from Australia. OTR Tyre Supplier

OTR Tyre Supplier

Our long-standing clients have secured our reputation as the ethical OTR tyre supplier in the mining and construction industry.

Established in 1990, Construction Tyres (PTY) Ltd has, for many years, worked in conjunction with Rema Tip Top, the world’s leading supplier of tyre repair equipment. Furthermore, our company introduced the International Standards Organization (ISO) into the tyre repair industry in 1993 using the Monarch air-bag repair system.

OTR Tyre Repair Experience

From the outset our company has been led by the same owner, who’s experience in the Southern African tyre repair industry is both extensive and surpasses that of other tyre companies. We are proud to have worked on long-term contracts which were regularly extended, with major mining houses in Southern Africa namely:

  •  BHP Billiton (MMS) Vendor No. 4003064
  •  Xstrata Coal SA-Vendor no. 301363
  •  Evraz Highveld Steel-Vendor no. 101462
  •  Debswana Diamond Co. Contract no. 395-SLM-L00882

Since 1998, we have been the exclusive tyre management company of choice for a contract mining company which has sites in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Botswana.

Client Satisfaction

Construction Tyres offers a transparent repair warranty which provides customer satisfaction and security in ensuring your tyres reach their intended potential, thus reducing your running costs.

For the past 24 years our service offering has created a brand which offers a one–stop– solution and is renowned for its RELIABILITY, QUALITY and CONSISTENCY.